Musings: Dragonenergy

Last tuesday, when I picked up my brush, I heard a guide’s voice in my head: ‘start with blue.’ So I chose a cyan oil paint and started filling the board. Then, as I have often experienced in my healings, my hand started moving by itself in larger and larger cirkels. Next the voice said: ‘now take purple’. So, I mixed some magenta into the cyan and traced the circles again, this time in opposite direction. When I took back a step, shivers went down my spine as I recognised a Dragon’s eye at the end of a worm hole.

The next day, in meditation, a blue Dragon appeared, it’s energetic shape overlaying my physical body. For a moment, I felt big, plumb and solidly loving. Then, it disappeared. Until the next day, when I did a multi-dimensional constellation for a friend. Her soul that had gotten stuck in the lower energy grids that surrounded the Earth at the time of her birth, which prevented higher vibrational aspects of human beings to incarnate. You could compare it to a fishnet. As we dissolved the grid and helped that stuck part of her to finally incarnate, the blue Dragon appeared again and helped complete the work.

That evening, in meditation, I once more connected to the Dragon energy, using the energy of the painting. This is what came through.
“ As the fields of the old world are collapsing, it is getting easier for the higher realms to aid humanity. For a long time, this Dragon energy could not exist on Earth. People have forgotten how to work with it. It is a field of wisdom & integrity. If you meditate with this painting, the Dragon energy will

  • clear your field
  • transform blocks
  • open new codes
  • raise your vibration and hence shift your timeline
  • and protect you.

Dragon's gate

When you feel called to do so, you can sit with this image in front of you, gaze at it, then close your eyes and maintain the image in your third eye and invite the Dragon’s energy to help heal whatever is up for you. If you lose it, return to the image, gaze at it once more, again close your eyes until you can maintain the connection. Do so, as long as feels comfortable, 10-15 minutes or more. Repeat daily until you feel the codes have been integrated or until you lose the impulse to work with this energy.

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