Musings: The call to hold space (2)

Last night, I read the testimony of a Jewish family doctor before the Court of Rabbis in Jerusalem. In the more than a year and a half that this crisis has now lasted, many pieces of information had already reached me: that the Corona virus is not natural, but was developed in a laboratory as a bioweapon and that it was deliberately released; that there is a hidden agenda to vaccinate as many people as possible; that the vaccines wreak havoc on the immune system; and that simple agents are available, such as HCQ, Ivermectin, colloidal silver, vitamin D, C and Zinc, which can prevent 85% of all deaths; that vaccines continue to be pushed as the only resort while vaccine side effects and deaths are denied and under-recorded; that the regular and social media suppress reporting about this and that anyone who is concerned is dismissed as conspiracy theorist. But the testimony of this Jewish doctor added something. “The current Jewish government (through its vaccination policy) is guilty of the same practices as Joseph Mengele (during WWII) by experimenting on its own population. This is genocide. This is WWIII” Those words came in like a sledgehammer, and I couldn't sleep. “Go write,” my guides suggested. But I didn't want to; those nightly downloads disrupt my wake-sleep rhythm. So, I stayed in bed and finally fell asleep. Early in the morning, around 3:30 am, I was suddenly wide awake and heard again, "Go write, it's important." Sigh. All right then. And so as not to disturb my love, I crept through the house in my slippers to our living room, lit the candles and took my pen. This is what I got.

“More and more facts will emerge about the nature of this crisis. Think of it as bubbles of consciousness escaping from the mud and working their way up into the collective consciousness of humanity. The goal is to wake people up. Because the energetic field on Earth has changed so fundamentally after the great alignment of 12/21/2020, the strategy of the group that initiated the crisis no longer works. They are too late. Previous attempts to capture the world in a pandemic have been nipped in the bud by the higher beings of light. But this time, we've been cooperating with the situation because the scope of this pandemic, and the so-called fight against it, is necessary to make people understand the nature of the old system. Your role as a high-frequency human being is to stay in the eye of the storm and help the vents in the densified field grow. That is why we ask you to look at this crisis and the measures with love. Not because you approve of what is happening, but because love is the only “weapon” that these fields cannot withstand. All other emotions like disgust, anger, hatred, or sadness, are food for the lower fields.

               Furthermore, we would like to ask you to form a vision of the world you long to create. What kind of world do you choose to live in? How do you want people to interact with each other and nature? Through the energy shift of 12/21/2020, your vision, the vision of anyone who chooses to anchor in their God-self, has a major impact. Write down your desire, say the words out loud, draw the images and meditate on them, keep the image alive. Even though you are each physically in your own home, in the energetic field your words and images will find each other and merge into a new collective. You are not here to fight the old world; you are here to give birth to the new. The more people carry with them a vision for a new world, no matter how far removed it may seem from the present reality, the more power your work in the collective field gains. Now that Gaia is increasing her frequency it is not a question of whether the world will change, it is only a question of when. Do not think that you can mean nothing, that you have no influence. Turn off the news, ignore the newspaper, focus solely on your own reality. Whoever controls people's images holds the future in their hands. Take back your control. This is the time. Stay centered and don't be scared. Stick a post-it on your refrigerator or mirror to remind yourself. Choose love, every day!”



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