Original paintings


In recent years, I studied figurative painting at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam and at Onderneming op Kunstgebied in Haren. Teachers who inspired me, include Sam Drukker, Irma Braat, Jim Harris, Rogier Willems and Svetlana Tartakovska. I was trained in drawing and painting portraits, full figures, still lives and landscapes Most of the work on this page was created during my training.

Free work

I’m currently working on my first series of paintings in which I explore the connection between people and their souls, seeking psychological depth. I combine classical oil painting techniques with a contemporary touch. Besides, I’m experimenting with abstract techniques.


I also make commissioned paintings, both figurative and abstract. In the contact with the client I look for the essence of the request. What wants to be painted (made visible)? How do I translate that essence into a painting?And how will it fit in the space where the work is intended to hang?

For a complete overview of my work over the years, or If you want to stay informed about new work, please follow my Instagram page. Originals can be viewed by appointment in my studio. 

At the oasis

This painting depicts the feminine ability to tune into Source and receive the flow of life.

Annick and her singing bowl

Portrait of gorgeous Annick, healer, bringing in the divine feminine.


Commission. Portrait of lovely, pregnant Liselotte

May I?

This painting I made for the art fair at my local town Driebergen, the Netherlands. At the bakery, a girl spots a cake in the showcase. Thrilled she reaches out, rubbing the glass with her fingers. But then she becomes aware of the other people in the store and shrinks against her grandmother’s legs. De movement of the different emotions shows what we as adults often meet in ourselves: the inhibition of a spontaneous longing.

Frozen beauty

Iin a class led by Svetlana Tartakovska I painted this Spanish looking lady from live. She radiates an air of royalty, her clothing is rich. She seems to own the world, but I wonder if she’s happy?

Girl with teacup

This painting I also made in class with Svetlana Tartakovska. The painting has a classical setting and colour palette, but I could still apply my contemporary touch. Svetlana’s classes have helped my technique enormously!

The girl with the headscarf (SOLD)

I originally made this portrait in art class and reworked it later in my studio.

Study of a diva

I made this portrait in a class with Svetlana Tartakovska. It was quite a challenge, as the face is larger than life. But I love the outcome!

Study of a young woman

Study of a young dancer

Study Flowers

This sketch in oilpxint I mad in class with Sam Drukker, whom I am eternally grateful for pushing me to look differently, to leave out details and summarise more.

Courtyard garden in Amsterdam (Sold)

This drawing in oil pastel I made in an outdoor class by Jim Harris. At the end of the class he congratulated me. “Today you found something you will use as a foundation as an artist.” At the time, I did not understand. But these days, I often remember his words, for he was right.

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