An anchor of love

When the corona crisis was in its early stages, I met Herman Kastermans who has made it his life's work to develop a technology to charge solid materials with various energies for healing purposes. As I love the effect of healing energies on our quality of life, I took time to learn more. A meditation pillow, healing socks and a grounding mat all seemed to hold great potential. But one item in particular blew me away: a tiny teddybear that has been charged with the healing energies from the water running underneath the Bosnian Pyramid. To be clear, it isn't the teddy, although it is a cutie. But this particular frequency is life changing.

  • it charges our field with unity consciousness
  • it raises our vibration
  • it strengthens the love in our system
  • it protects against entities and other sabotaging fields
  • it helps us to stay centered and aligned to our God Self

As you may know from my books I have experienced chronic early childhood abuse and am from time to time still struggling with PTSS. When I hold the little Teddy bear, I feel it gives me an anchor. Do not get me wrong, it will not do all the work for me. I still have to show up and do my share of process work. But it does make it easier, because it helps not to collapse into old wounds when they act up, and provides an energetic platform, a sort of fundament that I do not always have by myself. I figured if it does this for me, it will do so with others, no matter their age.

For more information you can visit

I have no financial interest in sharing this post. All proceeds go to the developer. If you type CHANTAL when placing your order you will get a 5% discount and 5% of your order will go to a Teddy fund, which aims to give out Teddy's to those who cannot afford the purchase. As far as I'm concerned this is the new economy: low cost products that do an enormous good for humanity, and helping those who need it. If it resonates, sharing would be much appreciated. #newmedicalsolutions

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